September 10, 2022
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Zanzibar Swahili Culture is the result of a fusion of Africa. Asian and European influences meeting here

Historically Zanzibar was an important staging post for explorers and traders. and a key trading center for spices and a center for the slave trade

1. What is Zanzibar Known for?

The sultan developed an economy of trade and cash crops in Zanzibar

Archipelago with a ruling Arab elite. Ivory was a major trade good.

The Archipelago also known as spice island was famous worldwide for the cloves and other spices and plantations were developed to grow them

2. What is the main religion in Zanzibar?

Islam is the most prominent religion on the island of Zanzibar

More than 99% of the island are Muslims

The vast majority of Muslims in Zanzibar are Sunni

3. Why is Zanzibar Important?

Zanzibar was seen as an important hub

As it provided access to the East African mainland

It was Oman that became the first to trade slaves. cloves and ivory from the East African mainland

4. What Languages do they speak in Zanzibar?

Swahili language.English and Arabic


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