2 Days Mombasa Safari Ngutuni and Taita Hills Saltlick

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This our 2 days Mombasa safari to Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary and Taita Hills Game Sanctuary is great package, if you want do go on a short safari from Mombasa but also engage in safari activities other than traditional game drives that are available in the national parks.

The two days safari from Mombasa takes you to 2 private wildlife (game) sanctuaries that border the two main national parks that are in the Southern Kenya safari circuit closest to Mombasa; Tsavo East National Park & Tsavo West. Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary borders the Tsavo east National Park, while the Taita Hills Game Sanctuary borders the Tsavo West National Park. Wildlife therefore roams freely between the parks and the game sanctuary because there are no fences between the sanctuaries and the national parks.

What to see on 2 days Mombasa Safari to Ngutuni & Taita Hills

Basically, the same animals in terms of predators and plain game that you can see in the parks, can be seen in these two sanctuaries. This is apart from the Rhinos whose movement is monitored and restricted in the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary within the Tsavo West National Park. Both in Ngutuni & Taita Hills you expect to see plenty of elephants, zebras, hartebeests, Impalas, Gazelles, warthogs, lions, Cheetahs, oryx, lesser kudu, water bucks and many other animals, the list is endless. These two sanctuaries share borders with the Tsavo parks and therefore very rich in birdlife with more than 600 bird species already recorded in the area.

Accommodation for Two days Mombasa safari in Ngutuni & Salt Lick

Your accommodation during the safari will be at Taita Hills Game Sanctuary where you can either spend the night at Taita Hills Safari Lodge & Resort or at the Salt Lick Lodge within the same game sanctuary. If you can start the safari with Taita Hills Game Sanctuary then it is also an option to spend the night at the Ngutuni Safari Lodge.

Extra Activities for the 2 days Mombasa safari in Ngutuni and Salt Lick

Among the unique activities that you can not do in the national parks i.e Tsavo East and Tsavo West but available in these private game sanctuaries include walking safaris and night game drives.

Night game drives are allowed in both Taita Hills Game Sanctuary and the Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary.  The night game drives at Taita Hills and Ngutuni offers a unique opportunity to spot the nocturnal species and who knows, you may even witness a hunt by the predators.

Walking safari can be done in the Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary and it is done by with the escort of resident game rangers at Ngutuni Safari Lodge. The walk takes around 4 hours starting from Ngutuni Safari Lodge and ending at the Ngutuni Hills from which the lodge derives its name.  If you are interested in booking any safari tour from Mombasa or this particula 2-day Mombasa safari, do not hesitate to contact our Mombasa safari experts any time.

Day 1: Mombasa-Ngutuni-Taita Salt Lick

Received by our safari driver guide and depart to Ngutuni wildlife sanctuary. Game drive then lunch at Ngutuni Lodge. After lunch, leave for Taita. Continue with game drive till sunset, check in, dinner and overnight stay at Taita Saltlick Lodge.

Day 2: Taita hills saltlick – Mombasa

Early morning game drive(6h30 to 8h00) best time to expect a hunt and observe the wild animals. Return to lodge for breakfast. After breakfast, make another game drive till lunch time at Taita Hills Lodge. After lunch, return journey to Mombasa.


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