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The stone town tour, the city tour, takes you around the capital town to experience the historical, cultural, and architectural richness of the Zanzibar Islands. Usually, the tour starts at 8:30 am or 14.30 pm and takes 2 to 3 hours depending on the enthusiasm of the group.

Most of the important buildings and places (historical monuments) are within the town’s municipal environs such as the Anglican Cathedral built on the former slave market, the house of the famous slave trader (Tip Tip house), Hamamni Bath, Darajani market (fish and fruits market), the Old Portuguese Fort,  The House of Wonders (Zanzibar National Museum of History & Culture collapsed on Chrismas eve 2020 and is being rebuilt) and the home of the world-famous musician, Freddy Mercury.

The guide will also show you the beautiful pattern of the Zanzibar door and on the way, you will have a chance to walk around the narrow streets of Stone Town where most of the houses date back more than 150 years. You will see many bazaars, curio shops, restaurants, and a variety of stores selling souvenirs.  You will also have the opportunity to visit the first art gallery in Zanzibar, where many of today’s famous painters started. This 4-floor high building gives a nice view of Stonetown.

Classified by Unesco, Stone Town in Zanzibar was once the biggest business center in East Africa. In its earlier days, it was the hub for trading ivory, spices, and slaves. Power has changed hands numerous times over the years; the Portuguese, Arabs, Sultans of Oman, and English have all had their influence on this unique and fascinating town which has created an incredible mix of architecture and culture. It is a fascinating look into the history and culture that has shaped this island and is something that should not be missed

When you book with Zanzibar Alliance Tours & Safaris you will get one free excursion by visiting the historical site the Anglican Cathedral Church of Zanzibar situated in Stone town, Zanzibar Tanzania.

The slave monuments and the two chambers that were used by the Arabs to hide slaves before taking out for marketing

Our guests also will have a chance to visit the Zanzibar Alliance Charitable Institute which is situated within the Anglican Church of Zanzibar to see the students learning different languages and computer studies

We would like you to spare some few minutes to see our local students and if you have enough time to teach them some few words in the class or take pictures

PICKUP/RETURN LOCATION Your hotel in Zanzibar
PICKUP TIME Pick up time 08:30 or 14.30
Entrance Fees    1 Mineral Water Bottle per person
Go & Return Transfer for Hotels outside Stone town Professional guide
Personal Purchases
Guide gratuity


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25 december 2020
House of Wonders built in 1883 collapsed 25/12/2020

The Anglican church built on the former slave residence.


2 reviews for Stone Town Tour

  1. Alfonso

    Great experience with Mr Kassim’s team, i recommend him to anyone who wants to travel to Zanzibar

  2. Jerome Biozone

    very interesting tour. Freddy, our guide was amazing. We loved the visit to the art house and I even bought a painting.

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